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CHDI and CT Health Foundation Discuss Vision for Pediatric Primary Care

Lisa Honigfeld (CHDI) and Patricia Baker (Connecticut Health Foundation) discuss how we can redesign payment for pediatric primary care to better support children's health and well-being in this two minute video.

CHDI and the Connecticut Health Foundation joined together to look at new ways to redesign child health services to allow pediatric primary care providers to play a broader role in the health and well-being of children and families. They convened a payment reform study group of providers, payers, foundations, policymakers, and parent advocates that was facilitated by Robert Seifert and Hilary Deignan of Commonwealth Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 

A joint report and accompanying policy brief includes recommendations that emerged from study group.


Transforming Pediatrics to Support Population Health: Recommendations for Practice Changes and How to Pay for It

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Healthier Kids, Healthier Connecticut: A vision for redesigning pediatric primary care