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CHDI Bids Farewell to Lisa Honigfeld

Lisa Honigfeld, Ph.D retired from CHDI on September 30, after overseeing pediatric primary and preventative care initiatives for the past 15 years and also serving as Senior Advisor for the Office for Community Child Health (OCCH) at Connecticut Children's. Under her leadership, CHDI collaborated with the State of Connecticut, provider organizations, and family advocates to ensure that children were at the forefront of health reform efforts, and that pediatric primary care was well-positioned to optimally contribute to children’s health and well-being. During her career, Dr. Honigfeld helped pediatric primary care sites in Connecticut implement the Medical Home approach, furthered care coordination statewide, created CHDI’s successful Educating Practices program to implement best practices in pediatric primary care, and helped to dramatically increase screening for developmental and behavioral health concerns and maternal depression. Lisa was also instrumental in the creation of OCCH in 2013 and forged a lasting partnership between CHDI and OCCH to improve community child health services and support broad dissemination of innovations in pediatric care in Connecticut. In 2019, with OCCH Director Dr. Paul H. Dworkin, Lisa outlined a vision for improving child and population health, which CHDI published as A Framework for Child Health Services: Promoting optimal health, development, and well-being for all children.