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Blog: Payment Reform for Kids

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In his blog "Payment Reform for Kids," Robert Seifert, Executive Director of Health Law & Policy at Commonwealth Medicine  explains that reforming how we pay for pediatric primary care can improve health and life outcomes for kids. 
An important focus in health policy today is on changing the way we pay for care. There is broad consensus that the predominant fee-for-service payment method does not necessarily motivate care that will result in the best health outcomes. The evolving view is that payment constructed to reward the value of care delivered, rather than the volume of services, is a preferable method for improving the population’s health, and that value-based payment, properly applied, will bring positive changes to how care is organized and delivered. 
- Robert Seifert (excerpt from "Payment Reform for Kids")
Seifert and his colleague Hillary Deignan facilitated a year long study group of child health experts and parents convened by CHDI and the Connecticut Health Foundation to explore the issue of pediatric payment reform. They authored a report of the findings and recommendations from the pediatric payment reform study group, "Transforming Pediatrics to Support Population Health: Recommendations for Practices Changes and How to Pay for Them," which published by CHDI and the Connecticut Health Foundation in February 2019. 
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