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PBS News Hour Highlights Trauma Treatments in Connecticut: Bounce Back Featured

Connecticut was featured in part four of the PBS NewsHour series “Invisible Scars: America’s Childhood Trauma Crisis.” CHDI's Vice President for Mental Health Initiatives, Jason LangPhD provided background information for the series. The episode, "Treating trauma early to help children cope down the line," explores solutions. It highlights how Bounce Back is helping children in Connecticut heal from trauma and includes an interview with a family that benefitted from Connecticut's impressive availability of trauma-informed treatments. Bounce Back and CBITS are school-based treatments supported by the state, which makes training and implementation available at no cost to schools in Connecticut.


CHDI, in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, disseminated CBITS and BounceBack to over 100 schools in Connecticut since 2015. CHDI's Jason Lang, PhD and Diana Perry, PsyD shared their experiences with statewide dissemination in a webinar for school administrators, counselors, and policy makers in Philadelphia, PA. The webinar was held by the Evidence Based Practice and Innovation Center in Philadelphia, which is planning a rollout of CBITS in Pennsylvania. A recording of the webinar is available here.

Jason Lang - Vice President for Mental Health Initiatives