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Ensuring Children are Vaccinated During COVID-19
Aug 31, 2020

Immunization rates among children dropped significantly as families quarantined during COVD-19 and put off well-care visits. Read More »

Rethinking Discipline and Supporting Students’ Behavioral Health using Connecticut’s School-Based Diversion Initiative: An Interview with Erika Treannie of Bristol Public Schools
Aug 25, 2020

CHDI recently interviewed Erika Treannie regarding her role in leading Bristol Public Schools’ participation in the School-Based Diversion Initiative (SBDI). SBDI is a school-level... Read More »

Jamie LoCurto Co-authors Two Journal Articles that Explore Aspects of School-Based Behavioral Health Treatment for Anxious Youth
Aug 06, 2020

CHDI’s Jamie LoCurto, PhD, along with colleagues from UConn Health, co-authored two recent journal articles examining use of behavioral health services among youth with anxiety in school... Read More »

Primary Care Providers Play Key a Role in Discussing and Addressing Children's Mental Health with Families
Jul 07, 2020

CHDI's Eminet Abebe Gurganus and Lisa Honigfeld co-authored an article in the Journal of Pediatric Health Care, examining communication between parents and pediatricians about children's... Read More »

School mental health newsletter series to support social emotional learning and digital citizenship during COVID-19
Jun 30, 2020

To help the school community transition during the pandemic, we have created a school mental health resources newsletter series featuring a weekly topic and associated free resources for... Read More »

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