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Connecticut schools are using CBITS to help children exposed to trauma

An article in Apolitical, highlights Connecticut's use of CBITS (Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools) to help children exposed to trauma. 

"When the shooting stops: how US schools handle mass trauma,"  - Apolitical article, February 21, 2018

Schools are particularly effective settings in which to treat young people and attendance is a key factor in CBITS’ success: according to Jason Lang, a trauma expert at the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut who is coordinating the expansion of CBITS across the state, 90% of kids who start a group complete the entire program — significantly more than non-school-based interventions in which anywhere from 20 to 80% of families drop out prematurely.  -- Excerpt from the article

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CHDI is working with DCF, CBITS and Bounce Back trainers, and local provider agencies, school systems, and school-based health centers to disseminate CBITS and Bounce Back across Connecticut. Training began in 2015 and approximately 900 children have successfully completed treatment. CT Department of Children and Families is funding further expansion of CBITS across the state and CHDI serves as the coordinating center.  

Learn more about our work to disseminate CBITS across Connecticut.