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Honigfeld Co-authored Study in Journal of Child and Family Studies

CHDI's Vice President for Health Initiatives Lisa Honigfeldalong with Anne Pidano and several of her colleagues from the University of Hartford, co-authored a study published in the Journal of Child and Family StudiesDifferent Mental Health-Related Symptoms, Different Decisions: A Survey of Pediatric Primary Care Providers presents findings from a survey of pediatricians given vignettes about children with mental health symptoms suggesting an attentional disorder or depression. Responses showed varying degrees of accuracy in making diagnoses. Pediatricians in the survey were more likely to refer children to specialists for depression than for ADHD. Amount of training in behavioral health and years in practice were not associated with accuracy in diagnosis, confidence or comfort in addressing the hypothetical patient's mental health concern, or decisions about what to do following the disclosure of parental concerns. Pediatricians expressed a high level of interest in consulting and connecting with mental health providers, including social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. The researchers recommend exploring ways to improve collaboration between pediatric health and mental health providers to ensure best outcomes for children.

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