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Jeana Bracey Discusses Strategies for Decreasing Suspensions of Young Children


CHDI's Director of School and Community Initiatives, Jeana Bracey served as a panelist on a forum "Setting Young Children Up for Success" hosted by The Commission on Women, Children and Seniors, the Office of the Child Advocate, and the Center for Children's Advocacy. She discussed how the School-Based Diversion Initiative (SBDI), a school-level intervention program has been effective in addressing behavioral health needs and decreasing juvenile court referrals for middle and high school students. In an effort to reduce the number of young children being suspended in elementary schools, SBDI-Elementary (SBDI-E) is being developed. The SBDI-E model aims to provide innovative strategies and best practices for addressing challenging behavioral issues among elementary students by enhancing schools’ capacity to enhance social-emotional development and promote positive school climate.

Click here  to watch the full video of the forum. 

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