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A New Framework for a More Sustainable Oral Health System

three-domain-framework.jpgA new paper from the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement outlines a Three Domain Framework for oral health that focuses on prevention. CHDI's Vice President for Health Initiatives, David Krol, MD joined oral heath leaders from across the nation in developing the framework. It calls for a primary care-like structure for oral health care delivery, facilitates value-based payment models and enables patients to invest in their own oral health. David was also quoted in a Dental Tribune article, "Three Domain Framework is the Future of Dentistry."

"A strong, sustainable health system is built on prevention, value and equity. The Three Domain Framework, with its primary care approach, patient-centered focus, and evidence-based foundation, provides the framework for increased alignment of the dental and medical communities in our shared quest for improved health outcomes for all."

- David Krol, MD