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States Explore Trauma Screening in the Child Welfare System

"States Explore Trauma Screening in the Child Welfare System," is the title of an article in the Chronicle of Social Change (July 28, 2017). The article highlights a case study of on child trauma screening that looked at lessons learned from five states, including Connecticut. CHDI's Dr. Jason Lang co-authored the case study which was originally published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma (June 2017)

Children in the child welfare system are up to five times more likely than other children to have PTSD. Child welfare systems recognize the importance of trauma screening but most are not screening due to significant challenges of implementing screening and providing follow up care.

Since 2014 in Connecticut, more than 20,000 children have been screened for trauma exposure in behavioral health, child welfare, and juvenile justice, education and pediatric health settings.

Learn more about our work to develop a trauma-informed child welfare system in Connecticut.