Our Work

Training for Early Care and Education Providers


Those who care for young children in day care settings and preschools need to have the latest knowledge and skills to promote social and emotional learning, healthy development and be able to identify and address early signs of risk, delays and emotional disorders.

Training for early care and education providers focuses on:

  • understanding the importance of brain development,
  • how temperament affects each child’s personality,
  • the importance of play,
  • understanding the importance of healthy social and emotional development,
  • how to identify social and emotional developmental delays, and
  • how to work with parents.

CHDI is working in partnership with the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood (OEC) and the Connecticut Association for Infant Mental Health (CT-AIMH) to support:

  • In-person training: CT-AIMH trains early care and education providers in infant and early childhood mental health. It also provides resources to refer parents to appropriate interventions.
  • Online training: The KidsMentalHealthInfo.com website includes online training resources for health and early care and education providers specific to infant and early childhood mental health and maternal depression.