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Addressing Postpartum Depression: Opportunities in the Pediatric Setting

Postpartum depression is the most under-diagnosed condition in pregnant women and new mothers. Early detection and intervention is critical given the high prevalence of this condition (upwards of one in five new mothers experience depressive and/or anxiety symptoms warranting treatment), its pervasive and long lasting impact on infant development, and treatable nature.

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Pediatric primary care is an important venue for universal postpartum screening as depressed mothers are more likely to attend visits with their babies' pediatricians than with any other health care provider. Timely identification and immediate referral for treatment will assist mothers in caring for their new families and serve to prevent serious, life long physical, cognitive, and behavioral consequences for children.

This training reviews the broad ranging effects of postpartum depression and includes information on brief standardized tools to assist with detection, recommendations for the development of a screening protocol, the importance of normalizing and de-stigmatizing mothers' feelings, charting strategies, reimbursement procedures, and referral resources for mothers in your community. Whenever possible, local behavioral health providers specializing in maternal/infant care will accompany the trainer to establish a relationship with your practice.

This module is provided through the Educating Practices In the Community (EPIC) program. A professional trainer will visit your practice at a time that is convenient for your office an provide a brief presentation to you and your entire staff.  An online version of this training is also available.

Presentation Objectives

  • Increase knowledge about postpartum depression, its prevalence, symptoms, and possible effects on infant and child development 
  • Encourage the universal use of screening tools to identify postpartum depression in the pediatric primary care setting 
  • Provide information about local referral sources for postpartum depression

EPIC provides:

  • Sample screening tools 
  • Guidelines for office protocols 
  • Educational materials for families 
  • Referral resource information 
  • CME and MOC credits
  • Lunch or snack

Learn more about EPIC or contact Maggy Morales to schedule a training session.

Maggy Morales - EPIC Coordinator