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Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Early detection and intervention of postpartum depression and anxiety is critical given its long-lasting, potentially negative impact on children’s health and development. Pediatric primary care is an important venue for universal postpartum screening as mothers are more likely to attend visits with their babies’ pediatricians than with any other health care provider.

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This training reviews the broad ranging effects of postpartum depression and anxiety and supports pediatric primary care providers in screening for these conditions, developing charting strategies, and utilizing local resources for mothers experiencing depression and anxiety. Strategies for addressing health equity and delivering culturally sensitive care are also included. 

Presentation Objectives

  • Validated screening tools
  • Resources and/or referral information
  • Billing codes
  • 1 CME credit 
  • Opportunity to earn 25 MOC Part 4 credits
  • Meal during the training

Contact Maggy Morales to schedule an in-person training session or access the training onlineThe Postpartum Depression and Anxiety training is one of three Educating Practices modules available online. 


Maggy Morales - Educating Practices Coordinator