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Developmental Surveillance Screening & Help Me Grow

Child health providers are uniquely positioned to detect the developmental and socio-emotional problems of young children. Once problems are identified, appropriate resources must be found. Community-based services exist for children, but it is challenging for providers to link children with the resources they need. Help Me Grow is that link. Help Me Grow is designed to connect children at risk for behavioral or developmental problems to the most appropriate community resources. In this presentation you will learn how to use the Help Me Grow program to give families the support they need.

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The Developmental Surveillance Screening & Help Me Grow module is provided through the Educating Practices In Communities (EPIC) program. A professional trainer will visit your practice at a convenient time and provide a brief presentation to you and your entire staff on early detection of behavioral and developmental problems in children and how to refer to the Help Me Grow Program. An online version of this training is also available.

Presentation Objectives

  • Discuss Developmental Surveillance Screening: how it can be ongoing,consistent and valid 
  • Become familiar with validated screening tools to help identify developmental/behavioral concerns early
  • Learn how to bill for screening to receive payment from private insurers and Medicaid
  • Learn how to use Help Me Grow: a resource for connecting children to services
  • Involve everyone in the office in early detection and referral

EPIC provides:

  • A Resource Kit 
  • CME and MOC credits
  • Lunch or snack

Learn more about EPIC or contact Maggy Morales to schedule a training session.

Maggy Morales - EPIC Coordinator