About CHDI

About CHDI


The Child Health and Development Institute (CHDI) provides a bridge to better and more equitable behavioral health and well-being for children, youth, and families in Connecticut and beyond.

Our goal is to empower policymakers, champion providers, and spark partnerships that advance solutions and improve care for children and their families. 

CHDI works in close partnership with the state’s leading research institutions, provider agencies, policymakers, state agencies, child-serving organizations, and advocates to achieve our goals. We provide research, implementation, evaluation, training and technical assistance, and support for demonstration projects that inform system change across our areas of expertise.

This results in:

  • Better SystemsCHDI fuels collaboration across governmental, provider, school, community, research, and family partners to advance solutions and improve behavioral health care for children and families. 
  • Better PracticeCHDI helps providers, educators, and other child-serving professionals expand and enhance care by disseminating prevention programs, evidence-based treatments, and best practices that improve access, quality, equity, and outcomes.
  • Better PolicyCHDI works with state agencies and other policymakers to apply data and research that informs decision-making and improves the behavioral health of children and their families. 
  • Better and More Equitable Behavioral Health!

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