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Kenneth Spiegelman, MD

Kenneth Spiegelman, MD Private Practice Pediatrician

Ken Spiegleman is a private practice community pediatrician in Manchester, Connecticut with over 40 years of medical experience. He was awarded the 2020 Community Physician of the Year for his dedication to patients and families at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. In addition to helping countless children and families, he works to improve children’s health policy, systems and practice.

He is Medical Director of Post Graduate Medical Education at Connecticut Children's and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at University of Connecticut School of Medicine. He serves on the boards of CHDI, the Children's Fund of Connecticut, and the Connecticut Family Support Network and is an advisory board member for ACCESS Mental Health CT. Through CHDI’s Educating Practices program, Ken trains other pediatric health providers to implement best practice changes related to integrating behavioral health and primary care and delivering trauma-informed care. Before working in a private practice, he worked with Kaiser Permanente for 17 years.