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Jenna Trott, LMSW

Jenna Trott, LMSW Project Coordinator
jtrott@chdi.org | (860) 679-4945

Jenna Trott joined CHDI in 2024 as a Project Coordinator working on projects related to evidence-based practice dissemination and quality improvement initiatives for TF-CBT and MATCH.

Jenna obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Connecticut
and is trained in TF-CBT. Prior to joining CHDI, she gained clinical experience in various
settings, including conducting behavioral and psychiatric crises assessments at Saint
Francis’s Emergency Department and advocating for children's best interests at The
Children’s LAW Center of Connecticut alongside Guardian ad Litems (GALs). Jenna's
most recent role was as Director of Creative Strategies at Families in Society, The
Journal of Contemporary Social Services.