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Evidence-based treatments are proven by research to help children achieve better outcomes. CHDI works to improve the quality of mental health care for children and their families by identifying evidence-based treatments and providing effective strategies for implementing and supporting their delivery in real-world settings.

We are currently disseminating or supporting the implementation of a variety of evidence-based and promising mental health treatments across Connecticut, including:

Past initiatives include:

CHDI has used the Learning Collaborative approach grounded in Implementation Science and Quality Improvement strategies to disseminate evidenced-based treatments, and has led more than 15 learning collaboratives in Connecticut. This methodology helps effectively implement new practices in real-world settings using active learning principles, ongoing coaching and supervision, and the use of data for monitoring and continuously improving those services.  CHDI developed and uses a centralized model to sustain these multiple evidence-based treatments across Connecticut, including training, consultation, implementation consultation, and ongoing quality improvement. More information about this model can be found here.


Search the Connecticut Evidence-Based Practices Directory by zip code for a current list of providers trained in selected children's mental health evidence-based practices in Connecticut.

Contact us or explore this section to learn more about evidence-based practices in children’s mental health care.

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