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Authors discuss the 2019 Framework for Child Health Services
Mar 26, 2019

CHDI's Lisa Honigfeld and Connecticut Children's Office for Community Child Health's Paul H. Dworkin, MD talk about changing how we organize, deliver, and fund services across systems to... Read More »

Grant Opportunity for Pediatric Practices
Mar 15, 2019

CHDI is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity for pediatric primary care practices. The grants are funded by the Children's Fund of Connecticut and CT Health Foundation and... Read More »

Blog: Payment Reform for Kids
Feb 14, 2019

In a blog about pediatric payment reform, Robert Seifert, Executive Director of Health Law & Policy at Commonwealth Medicine suggest that pediatric care should be a primary focus for health... Read More »

CHDI and CT Health Foundation Discuss Vision for Pediatric Primary Care
Feb 04, 2019

Lisa Honigfeld (CHDI) and Patricia Baker (CT Health Foundation) discuss how we can redesign payment for pediatric primary care to better support children's health and well-being. Read More »

Nine Connecticut Schools Are Participating in the School-Based Diversion Initiative
Jan 09, 2019

Nine Connecticut schools in five districts are participating in the Connecticut School-Based Diversion Initiative (SBDI) during the 2018-19 school year, bringing the total number of schools... Read More »

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