Our Work

A Comprehensive Framework


CHDI partnered with the National Center for School Mental Health at the University of Maryland to provide a framework for policymakers and school district leaders interested in improving outcomes by addressing the mental health and trauma needs of students.Webp.net-resizeimage.jpg

The IMPACT, Healthy Students and Thriving Schools: A Comprehensive Approach for Addressing Students’ Trauma and Mental Health Needs,” outlines this framework and uses Connecticut as an example of how states and school districts can leverage existing child serving systems to provide an array of trauma-informed, evidence-based, and tiered services for students.

“Schools are well-positioned to promote wellness and social emotional competence for all students, and also identify and address mental health concerns for students in need; however, the responsibility is not on schools alone to integrate or fund these supports. This framework helps districts connect to and collaborate with Connecticut’s robust network of trauma-informed state and community-based services and programs so all students can be successful.” - Dr. Jeana Bracey, Associate Vice President of School and Community Initiatives at CHDI and report co-author.

Our approach to comprehensive school mental health is to identify and help support implementation of evidence-based and best practices in children’s mental health, especially those that are trauma-informed. This work spans across all levels of the multi-tiered system, to support students with all levels of need and is grounded in a healthy school workforce and strong family-school-community partnerships. Through ongoing collaborative statewide initiatives and convening the Trauma-Informed School Mental Health Task Force, CHDI continues to guide dissemination of this trauma-informed framework as a blueprint to advance policy and strategic school district planning to promote equitable access and outcomes for all of Connecticut’s students.  

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