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Trauma ScreenTIME Course Overview Video

Watch a brief three-minute video about the Trauma ScreenTIME Core Course.

About the Trauma ScreenTIME courses:

The Trauma ScreenTIME Core Course, Trauma ScreenTIME Schools Course, and Trauma ScreenTIME Pediatric Primary Care Course are currently available. The three courses were developed by CHDI in collaboration with national experts based on current research and best practices.
  • The ScreenTIME Core Course is appropriate for staff working with children and youth across child-serving systems and settings, including early childhood, juvenile justice, child welfare, and behavioral health.
  • The ScreenTIME Schools Course is appropriate for staff in school settings. 
  • The ScreenTIME Pediatric Primary Care Course is appropriate for child-serving staff in various roles within a pediatric primary care setting, including leadership, frontline clinical staff, and administrative staff. 
The ScreenTIME courses provider learners with the knowledge they need to effectively screen children for trauma and connect families with their preferred supports and services to help children recover from the effects of trauma exposure.
Topics covered in the ScreenTIME Core Course include:
  • The importance of screening for trauma and traumatic stress
  • Common questions about trauma screening
  • Developing a screening process for your program
  • Selecting a screening measure
  • Best practices when conducting screening with a child and family
  • Using the results of screening to help children and families 
ScreenTIME is currently available at no cost to child-serving professionals. Additionally, continuing education credits are available. To take a ScreenTIME course visit:
Trauma ScreenTIME is part of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and is funded through a five year federal SAMHSA grant to CHDI.
Learn more about CHDI's Trauma ScreenTIME initiative.