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CHDI Piloting New Peer Support Program in Schools

April 3, 2024
Youth who participate in school-based peer support programs report increased mental health knowledge and well-being, as discussed in our Issue Brief last year. These programs have also been shown to benefit the entire school community by improving the overall climate for staff and students alike. Peer Support Pilot School Recruitment.png
CHDI has developed a new peer support model for schools based on best practices from across the country. We are seeking four middle or high schools in Connecticut to pilot the new program, which will begin this May and continue in fall 2024.
Peer Support pilot schools will:
  • Create a school team to complete a School Mental Health Needs Assessment (SHAPE) and coordinate implementation of the pilot
  • Have access to free training, ongoing support, and technical assistance from CHDI to complete and review results of the SHAPE assessment and implement the pilot program
  • Develop student-led activities to promote well-being
  • Receive a financial stipend upon completion of the pilot
If interested, schools will have the opportunity to continue the program following the pilot period.
To learn more or help us spread the word about this opportunity, download our flyer.
Interested in getting your school involved? Contact Project Coordinator Mackenzie Wink, Ph.D. at