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Office for Community Child Health


CHDI is partnering with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to promote a new model for connecting children’s hospitals to their communities.

The Office for Community Child Health (OCCH) at Connecticut Children’s:

  • Cultivates a health system that works hard to keep children healthy and out of the hospital by addressing health across all settings where children live, learn and play
  • Brings together 12 of Connecticut Children’s community-oriented health programs (many of which began in collaboration with CHDI) under one umbrella with the goals of integration, innovation and systems change
  • Allows CHDI and Connecticut Children’s to partner in nurturing innovation, helping community providers deliver quality services, and supporting broad dissemination of proven practices in Connecticut and beyond

The OCCH is led by Paul Dworkin, MD, Executive Vice President for Community Child Health at Connecticut Children’s with support from David Krol, MD. Vice President for Health Initiatives at CHDI.

OCCH Innovations

Through our partnership with Connecticut Children’s, we bring promising innovations to scale:

In addition to innovation, OCCH encourages synergy and integration among existing community-oriented programs:

  • CHDI’s Educating Practices program brings information from several OCCH programs to community pediatric sites.
  • CHDI’s Educating Practices program also works with OCCH’s Help Me Grow National Center, Healthy Homes, Injury Prevention Center and Maintenance of Certification programs to promote quality improvement in primary care sites throughout Connecticut and in the 23 Help Me Grow affiliate states.

Contact us to learn more about OCCH and our current or upcoming initiatives.

David Krol - Vice President for Health Initiatives
Paul Dworkin - Executive Vice President of Community Child Health at Connecticut Children's Medical Center and CHDI Senior Fellow