Our Work

Care Coordination Performance Improvement Center (PIC)


Care coordination is indispensable to the effective operation of a system of care and community collaborative.

Care coordination services are provided to children and youth who are:

  • Designated as "Seriously Emotionally Disturbed" (SED)
  • Have complex behavioral health needs
  • Require intensive coordination of multiple services to meet those needs

Care Coordinators have clinical knowledge but do not function as the clinician with that child and family. Rather, the Care Coordinator designs a plan of care along with the family, uses clinical and community systems knowledge to broker and advocate for services, and coordinates and monitors the implementation of the plan of care. Care Coordinators are extensively trained in the Wraparound practice model. Wraparound is a research-based process that has been widely implemented in community settings to improve outcomes for youth with SED. Research has clearly demonstrated that outcomes associated with Wraparound are better when it is implemented with fidelity to the model.

CHDI’s Performance Improvement Center helps monitor and improve fidelity to the Wraparound model, and support better child and family outcomes, using the following strategies:

  • Data collection, analysis and reporting to the statewide network of Care Coordination providers
  • Data-informed training and coaching services at the site level
  • Support to providers for monitoring fidelity to Wraparound practices and making improvements to those practices as needed

To learn more about the Care Coordination Performance Improvement Center, contact Jeana Bracey or visit the DCF website for Care Coordination.