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Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health


CHDI’s work on infant and early childhood mental health is rooted in the science that states that a child's early experiences have lifelong consequences.

We know that responsive and consistent relationships from caregivers support the development of healthy social-emotional skills, which become the foundation of a young child’s mental health.

It is crucial, therefore, that those who care for young children have the necessary knowledge and skills to promote healthy development and be able to identify and address early signs of risk, delays and emotional disorders.

CHDI is engaged in bringing policymakers, providers, professionals and philanthropic organizations together to ensure children have the best start in life. We provide professional development training for pediatricians and support training for child care providers. Our work includes the following initiatives to help promote social and emotional development in young children and identify mental, emotional and behavioral health issues at the earliest possible time.

Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Initiatives

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