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If Your Child Needed Mental Health Services Would You Know Where to Turn?
May 09, 2013

Families who have behavior or mental health concerns about their child often ask, “Where can I get the best help for my child?” It can be a difficult and confusing process to find... Read More »

Article - Children's Mental Health Screening in Pediatric Practices
May 06, 2013

Click here for an article written by C-Hit on children's mental health screening in pediatric practices and the challenges associated with managing their care. The article features CHDI's... Read More »

Franks Presents Before Sandy Hook Commission
May 01, 2013

Bob Franks presented on child trauma at the Sandy Hook Commission meeting on April 26th. Click here to watch the video clip from CT-N. Read More »

Trauma Article
Apr 17, 2013

Many children suffering from post-traumatic stress get misdiagnosed, or receive treatment that focuses on their symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. Click on the link below to... Read More »

REACT Launched in Waterbury
Apr 11, 2013

On April 10th, Waterbury Police Chief Riddick, Kathy Rodriquez (family partner), Marcy Kane (Wellmore) and Jason Lang (CHDI) highlighted the REACT program being piloted in Waterbury. REACT... Read More »

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