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REACT Launched in Waterbury
Apr 10, 2013

On April 10th, Waterbury Police Chief Riddick, Kathy Rodriquez (family partner), Marcy Kane (Wellmore) and Jason Lang (CHDI) highlighted the REACT program being piloted in Waterbury. Read More »

"Better Connecticut" Interview
Mar 04, 2013

On March 4th, the "Kara's Cures" Better Connecticut segment on WFSB focused on infant and children's mental health and featured content from CHDI's website.... Read More »

Article - REACT Program
Mar 04, 2013

An article was published in the Windsor Journal about CHDI's REACT (Responding to Children of Arrested Caregivers Together) program, which offers regional training to police departments t... Read More »

CHDI Submits Testimonies to Legislative Committees
Feb 15, 2013

CHDI submitted various testimonies to legislative committees. Click below to read the testimonies. Bob Franks was one of four child trauma experts invited to present on "Addressing Trauma"... Read More »

CT Mirror Article - Screening for Depression in Teens
Feb 07, 2013

There was a great article in the CT Mirror on 2/1/13 on benefits and challenges of screening for depression in pediatric primary care practices. CHDI's Lisa Honigfeld, VP for Health... Read More »

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