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Transforming Child Health Services to Enhance Well-Being

On March 3, CHDI's Lisa Honigfeld delivered the annual Paul H. Dworkin lecture at Grand Rounds at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Lisa reviewed research and current thinking on transforming child health services to increase their contribution to children's longterm well-being, equity, and overall population health. She identified pediatric primary care as an optimal starting place for rethinking child health services highlighting themes from A Framework for Child Health Services, co-authored by Lisa Honigfeld and Paul H. Dworkin.
The lecture cited three critical elements for reforming primary care: 1) integration of health and community services, 2) recognition of new outcomes that better describe children's well-being, and 3) payment reform. These elements are also outlined in CHDI's and Connecticut Health Foundation's joint report: Transforming Pediatrics to Support Population Health.
For more information, read Lisa's Advancing Kids blog: Child Health Providers Should Focus on Child Well-Being or visit our website.

Lisa Honigfeld - Vice President for Health Initiatives