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CHDI recognizes pediatric primary care as a critical venue for ensuring the healthy development of children. Because of this, we have developed a comprehensive, community-based, child health provider outreach and training program.

The goal of CHDI's Educating Practices program is to improve the content and delivery of child health services by assisting providers in implementing practice changes that are supported by community and State resources.

CHDI created Educating Practices, (formerly EPIC), in collaboration with the Connecticut chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Family Physicians. Connecticut Children's Medical Center's Office for Community Child Health works closely with CHDI in the development and delivery of several Educating Practices training modules.

Educating Practices offers over 20 training topics to help pediatric practices across Connecticut better meet the needs of children. Educating Practices trainings are brief, free and offered in the comfort of the provider’s office over lunch or another convenient time.

Learn more about how Educating Practices can help your practice by exploring these sections.

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Maggy Morales - Educating Practices Coordinator