Our Work

Health Delivery Innovations


CHDI identifies and advances new strategies and innovative solutions for improving the delivery of child health services.

  • We match areas of need with evidenced-informed innovative solutions.
  • We test and evaluate the effectiveness of these solutions in improving children’s health services.
  • We work with partners to refine, embed and expand successful health innovations throughout the state.
  • We work to reform policy to absorb new innovations.

CHDI is currently collaborating with the Office for Community Child Health at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to bring the following child health innovations to scale in Connecticut and nationally:

  • Co-management: Improving the linkage between pediatric primary care and subspecialty providers through shared tools for managing common pediatric conditions.
  • Mid-level Developmental Assessment: Bringing efficiency to the evaluation of children for whom screening has shown developmental and/or behavioral concerns.
  • Care Coordination Collaboratives: Helping service providers better coordinate care.

CHDI is also working to ensure the Connecticut State Innovation Model (SIM) includes a broad view for children’s health.

Contact us to learn more about these health innovations or explore this section for more details.