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Family-Centered Care


Family-centered care ensures that parents and caregivers can participate in all aspects of their child’s health, from decision-making to care planning to communications across medical and other care providers.

A critical element of the medical home model, family-centered care has been shown to lead to better outcomes for children’s health.

CHDI has been instrumental in supporting the development of two family support organizations, in partnership with the Department of Public Health:

  • CT Family Support Network (CTFSN): Supports all families raising a child with a disability or special health care need.
  • CT Hands and Voices: Addresses family needs for children with hearing loss, regardless of whether families choose sign language or spoken language.

Both organizations help bring more family-centered services to pediatric primary care. They also work directly with families to provide one-on-one peer support, sponsor support groups in many communities, and offer training to families on partnering with child health and other service providers.

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