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Psychiatric Services publishes CHDI's research

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CHDI's Dr. Jason Lang co-authored an article with former CHDI fellow  Dr. Katrina Roundfield about the costs associated with sustaining children's mental health evidence-based practices (EBPs). The article, “Costs to Community Mental Health Agencies to Sustain an Evidence-Based Practice,” was published in Psychiatric Services (online May 2017).

For the past decade, CHDI has disseminated approximately seven evidence-based and promising children's mental health treatments across Connecticut in collaboration with a variety of partners, most notably the CT Department of Children and Families. Our largest effort and the focus of this research centers on sustaining Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) which to date has been disseminated to 35 community mental health providers (serving over 79 sites) since 2007.

There is strong research showing that EBPs result in improved child outcomes and significant long-term cost savings to society. However, the increased direct cost incurred by providers for delivering EBPs is the most frequently cited barrier to sustainment. This study examines the costs of offering an EBP compared with usual care and found that the extra costs associated with an EBP may be a financial burden for community mental health agencies, as well as a potential barrier to broader EBP uptake. Implications for public policy include providing reimbursement rates and financial incentives to offset potential implementation costs and promote sustainment of EBPs.

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