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Keeping Children Healthy in Child Care

Information sharing among child health providers, parents/guardians, and early care and education (ECE) providers ensures optimal health outcomes for young children in child care and preschool settings. Many young children spend up to 40 hours per week in a child care or preschool setting, so it is important that pediatric primary care physicians collaborate with parents and ECE providers about health concerns and when needed, proper implementation of a child’s health care plan. Pediatric health providers can also help families select quality child care programs and ensure that their patients’ health and developmental needs are met in child care/preschool settings.

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The training addresses the role of pediatric health providers in ensuring the health and safety of their patients in child care. It provides resources for improving health in child care, and parent resources for selecting child care. The training introduces the Early Childhood Health Assessment Record (yellow form), explains its importance, and how to ensure completion. You will also learn steps to take if you, a parent or caregiver, or a child care provider have concerns about a child enrolled in child care. The training also discusses child care health consultants as a helpful resource in bridging child health and early care.

The Keeping Children Healthy in Child Care module is offered through the Educating Practices In the Community (EPIC) program. A professional trainer will visit your practice at a time that is convenient for you and provide a brief presentation to you and your entire staff on strategies to ensure the health of children in child care.

Presentation objectives

  • Learn how collaboration between you and the child care/preschool sites impacts your patients’ health
  • Learn about how the Early Childhood Health Assessment Record can help you collaborate with child care programs for your patients’ health
  • Learn about existing support systems in child care centers that can assist you in promoting health development and implementing care for your patients who attend child care

EPIC provides:

  • Provider resource materials
  • CME credit
  • Lunch or snack

Learn more about EPIC or contact Maggy Morales to schedule a training session.

Maggy Morales - EPIC Coordinator