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Trauma Screening, Identification and Referral in Pediatric Practice

As many as 2/3 of children treated in pediatric practices are likely to have experienced a significant traumatic event. Research shows that physicians significantly underestimate the rate of traumatic stress reactions children experience post-trauma. Failure to identify and address trauma in children at the earliest possible time can lead to exacerbated health, mental health and social problems later in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The pediatric primary care office is an ideal setting for the early detection of children who have experienced traumatic events. In Connecticut, a network of mental health providers trained in childhood trauma are available to counsel children referred by child health providers.


This training provides introductory information on trauma in children. The training offers practical strategies for easily determining which children may be suffering from trauma exposure and follow up screening tools to use when there is a concern. The presentation also includes referral information for local community child trauma services.

The Trauma Screening, Identification and Referral in Pediatric Practice module is offered through the Educating Practices In the Community (EPIC) Program. A professional trainer will visit your practice at a time that is convenient for you and provide a brief presentation to you and your entire staff on identifying children who have experienced trauma and connecting them to helpful services in your local community.

Presentation Objectives

  • Understand the extent and nature of trauma in the pediatric population
  • Understand the implications of not addressing trauma at the earliest possible time
  • Learn when to suspect that a child has experienced trauma
  • Learn about screening for trauma in taking a medical history and with screening tools
  • Gain awareness of the community options for responding to trauma in children

EPIC provides:

  • Sample screening tools
  • Office system guidelines
  • CME credits
  • Lunch or snack

Learn more about EPIC or contact Maggy Morales to schedule a training session.

Maggy Morales - EPIC Coordinator